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The Spot in TUSCANY

Chianti and Florence - Italy

May 2020

The application process will start soon. A limited number of places is available: if you are interested in this digital nomad coworking retreat in Tuscany, fill out the form to be notified as soon as registrations will be opened.

As Italians, we believe in hospitality:
Our Spot is your Spot.

That’s why we select intense and intimate retreats to be hosted in our countryside.

Italy is unique, dedicated to offering others the experience of a real connection through the simple things in life: strong relationships and conversations, tasty food and good wine, ancient traditions and an intense culture.


Located on the sunny West coast, Tuscany is the heart of Italy.

It’s the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, the home of Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei, a land of centuries-old history, artistic legacy, amazing landscapes and seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

From the Chianti wine region to the cultural identity of Florence, The Spot in Tuscany blends nature, tradition, history, good food and wine.
You’ll meet local entrepreneurs and producers and you’ll learn about social projects and how to recognize the quality Made In Italy products.

The Tuscan experience involves all five senses, offering a warm and intimate coworking retreat and your first step into the immense cultural and artistic tradition of Italy.


Our site is a restored historic villa not far from Florence, surrounded by acres of olive groves, sunflowers, cypress and rows of vineyards. The villa is set on a panoramic hillside, with private rooms and bathrooms, spacious workspaces and a long table at which to enjoy the family-style dinners. Enjoy gardens of olives trees, and modern amenities which include Wi-Fi and a swimming pool. A perfect coworking retreat.

chianti wine experience for travelers

Chianti is a renowned Tuscan wine region. This territory of 70 000 hectares is home to the world-famous Chianti, the wine born in the 19th century. The producers in this area include family-run wineries as well as bigger companies. We’ll discover Chianti wines through the local producers and certified sommeliers, and we’ll experience the true Italian tradition of sunset Aperitivo with a glass or two of Chianti wine.

tuscan local food - experience for travelers and independent location workers

As with every region in Italy, Tuscany is celebrated for its quality and abundance of products. The local cuisine is simple, genuine and tasty: from vegetables to cheese, the ingredients are almost certainly all from small-scale producers, and always dressed in local olive oil. Meals are prepared using the finest products sourced from independent organic farms, and you’ll learn how the food is made and how tasty simple ingredients can be.

tuscany - italy - urban tours for online entrepreneurs

Tuscany is not only about sceneries but also culture. As the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, there are plenty of churches, palaces and museums, such as the world-famous Uffizi. Discover small isolated villages, historical centres and popular destinations such as Florence and Siena. Explore the artistic centres and enjoy the unique atmosphere of local piazzas with our expert Local Tour Guides.

hiking experience in tuscany

The Chianti region is perfect for hiking and biking tours, with its olive grove-covered hills, rows of vineyards, and cypresses originally planted as early road signals. Hikes incorporate farmhouses and churches, following the tracks of the Etruscans, the region’s first inhabitants. Discover the simple historic architectural materials and the autochthon plants that make up the landscape, under the knowledgeable expertise of our Environmental Hiking Guides.

welcoming country overview - italy

The WCO – Welcoming Country Overview, is a special moment at The Spot during which we welcome travelers and introduce them to the region that they are visiting. Whether The Spot is the starting point of your travels, or your chosen two-week retreat, we don’t want you to feel like a stranger in an unknown country. You’ll be a part of the local community, thanks to the overview, customized tips and information on local customs you have received through the WCO.

made in italy - local business

Made In Italy signifies “indication of origin of a product coming from Italy”. Italy lies seventh worldwide for consumer satisfaction within several sectors, from automotive to food production. Florence’s famous boutiques represent Italian’s importance in the international fashion industry. Through introductions to local entrepreneurs, you’ll discover the distinctive Made In Italy exclusivity.

Ilaria - The Spot

Ilaria is Tuscany’s Local Ambassador. Born and raised in the heart of Tuscany, Ilaria has customized travel excursions and personally hosts overland trips. She loves people and helps them to connect and share their best moments. A true expert of the territory and an intuitive guide, she is the queen of karaoke and a tireless hiker.




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